Spacehive is a crowdfunding platform with a purpose: to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to bring their civic environment to life.

Whether you want to transform a playground, bring an old building back to life, spruce up a park, or create something completely new, Spacehive aims to help people to attract support for projects that make places distinctive, lively and loved.

Crowdfunding is appealing to trusts and charities, and has the potential to generate a wide variety of local match-funding opportunities. Islington-based charity, Octopus, is currently using Spacehive to fundriase to buy a milk float and transform it into a ‘Gro-Mobile’ so that they can get into parts of Islington their Urban Wild Places project cannot effectively reach.

When people pledge to a project, through Spacehive, it might be the biggest indication that they want it to happen. This is a very powerful message when trying to get other organisations on board with the idea.

Experience from elsewhere shows that people who pledge to projects really do feel like they made it happen. They have a sense of ownership over the project and often become ambassadors for them.

As crowdfunding projects are public, local businesses and larger organisations like to be involved too and will often pledge or offer support.

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