Somali community projects breaks down generation barriers


A project that spans the generations in Hammersmith and Fulham’s Somali community is about to celebrate its first successful year.

Fulham-based Banooda Aid Foundation has been working with its community elders and young people on a two-year project made possible, thanks to a £36,000 grant from the “HealthEquality”

Arts, culture and recreation are the topics through which communication between the youngsters and the older members of their community are being fostered.

Traditional African dance and music, as well as drawing and painting and arts and crafts are among the means by which the young and not so young are interacting with one another. Debates and discussions are also held to help break down the barriers that exist between the ages and which are common to all communities.

“This is a great idea because it brings generations together through a creative platform and reduces isolation and boredom, “ said Banooda Aid Foundation’s Director Abdirahman Haidarow. “ New friendships will be formed which will continue outside in the wider community. It is a flexible project which is exclusively managed by the beneficiaries and this also improves their self-esteem and respect.”

The project is currently working with some 40 people from the age of 14 upwards, 43% of elders and 67% of the younger people reported that they have now learned more about the arts and media that are relevant to their culture. Elderly members reported that they are now more confident in using computers, cameras and also using some music instruments. We have also seen 3 young people are now volunteering to the local community Centre where elderly members come together.

Banooda Aid Foundation is based at Bishop Creighton House, 378 Lillie Road, Fulham.


For further information contact: Abdirahman Haidarow, Chairman,
Banooda Aid Foundation, on: 020 8616 2770 or 07985 756428.


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