To: Grand Union Alliance members, friends and contacts
• The final version of the OPDC Integrated Impact Assessment Scoping Report has been published and can be found here
• The tracked changes of the IIA Scoping Report can be found here
• Please note that there is now a section on the Government website about the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation
• Please see here a summary of supporting studies for the OPDC Local Plan that the OPDC sent us on request. This document sets out a summary of each of the supporting studies that are being developed to inform the OPDC Local Plan that is expected to be published on February 2016.

Positive comments
In the comments session of the tracked changes of the IIA Scoping Report and in response to those that have submitted the community-based visions and objectives document (drawn from discussions at past GUA meetings and its conference in November 2014) OPDC says:

“The provided community-based vision and objectives provide a comprehensive and detailed range of suggestions which are being used to directly inform the draft Local Plan proposed vision and objectives. Where the suggestions are more relevant for policy options, these have also been used to inform the development of these options. As the provided community-based vision and objectives have directly and positively informed the development of the draft OPDC Local Plan that will be subject to the IIA, a separate IIA on these is not considered necessary”.
GUA Meeting Reminder
The next Grand Union Alliance meeting will be held on Thursday 14th January 2016, from 18:30-20:30 at the All Souls Church, Station Road, Harlesden, NW10 4UJ.


See Report here

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