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Like Minded News Update: September 2015


Why there’s a need to change

The launch of our Case for Change sets out why there
is a need to change, and how we support people with
mental health needs, as well as the wider population to
stay mentally healthy. It is not intended to provide the
answers – but rather to shape the discussion.

We welcome your input. If you would like to contribute
to the next phase of work email: You can view the full
document and summary on our website.


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New public engagement report

In March 2015 NHS England launched a Taskforce to develop a five-year strategy to improve
mental health outcomes. Essentially, this will be a ‘Mental Health Five Year Forward View’ which
clearly sets out how national bodies will work together between now and 2021 to help people
have good mental health and make sure they can access evidence-based treatment rapidly
when they need it.

The summary of findings from the public engagement supports the work we’re doing and
echoes much that we’ve learnt through co-production.


In other news

In a recent speech, Simon Stevens, NHS England’s Chief Executive, announced a major drive
to improve and support the health and wellbeing of 1.3million health service staff. The £5 million
initiative stresses the importance of workplace wellbeing, which is also one of our priorities.
To read the speech in detail click here.


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