Groundwork London is helping dedicated community groups and organisations to apply for funding to safeguard and revive our Wild Isles! 

Aviva, in partnership with WWF and the RSPB, is dedicating £1 million to empower community groups and organisations across the UK in the vital mission of protecting and restoring nature right in your local area. The Save our Wild Isles Community Fund is being delivered with Crowdfunder. It will give £2 for every £1 raised to help a project reach its fundraising target quicker. This matching scheme extends to each individual donation, multiplying the impact of contributions up to £250. With a substantial total match of £15,000 per community project, the possibilities are endless.

Join our Live lunch time Q&A session at 12.30 on Monday 23rd October on Zoom, either through Facebook or LinkedIn , or register for the webinar by reaching out to Groundwork here.

Topic: Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund London

Time: Oct 23, 2023 12:30 PM London

Register your interest via Facebook or LinkedIn

If you cannot attend this session, please feel free to contact Vanessa to ask for more information or support.

Applications close on the 1st November, so you’ll need to apply soon, but the process is straight-forward and Groundwork staff are on hand to provide support and advice. 

Three key areas that the fund will cover are:

  1. Nature Restoration: Dive into activities that enhance local biodiversity. Whether it’s protecting or restoring habitats, creating nature havens, connecting green spaces, or addressing activities that directly impact biodiversity, your project will be a force for nature’s revival.
  2. Nature Connectedness and Pro-Environmental Behaviours: Take action to foster a greater connection to nature within your community. Promote pro-environmental behaviours that will benefit nature and leave a lasting, positive impact.
  3. Community Cohesion and Connection: Your project will do more than conserve nature; it’ll bring your community together in beautiful ways. By connecting people of diverse backgrounds, generations, and abilities to both nature and each other, you’ll build a stronger, more united community.