Workshops are held online via Zoom. 10.00 to 12.30 on a single date. Multiple dates shown are alternative dates. Each workshop costs £95 per participant. There are no discounts available. Workshops consist of talk, discussions, questions and answers. There are no power points or audio visuals used. Participants receive full notes by email after the workshop.

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Bid Writing 17 Apr 2023, 24 Apr 2023, 22 May 2023, 05 Jun 2023, 19 Jun 2023

Do you know the most common reasons for rejection? Are you gathering the right evidence? Are you making the right arguments? Are you using the right terminology? Are your numbers right? Are you learning from rejections? Are you assembling the right documents? Do you know how to create a clear and concise standard funding bid? Are you communicating with people or just excluding them? Do you know your own organisation well enough? Are you thinking through your projects carefully enough? Do you know enough about your competitors? Are you answering the questions funders will ask themselves about your application? Are you submitting applications correctly?


Trust Fundraising 09 May 2023

Are you applying to the right trusts? Are you applying to enough trusts? Are you asking for the right amount of money? Are you applying in the right ways? Are your projects the most fundable projects? Are you carrying out trust fundraising in a professional way? Are you delegating enough work? Are you highly productive or just very busy? Are you looking for trusts in all the right places? How do you compare with your competitors for funding? Is the rest of your fundraising hampering your bids to trusts? Do you understand what trusts are ideally looking for?


Major Donor Fundraising 23 May 2023

Major Donor Characteristics, Motivations and Requirements. Researching and Screening Major Donors. Encouraging, Involving and Retaining Major Donors. Building Relationships with Major Donors. Major Donor Events and Activities. Setting Up Major Donor Clubs. Asking For Major Gifts. Looking After and Reporting Back to Major Donors. Delivering on Major Donor Expectations. Showing Your Appreciation to Major Donors. Fundraising Budgets and Committees.


Corporate Fundraising 18 Apr 2023, 06 Jun 2023

Who are these companies? Why do they get involved? What do they like? What can you get from them? What can you offer them? What are the differences between donations, sponsorship, advertising and cause related marketing? Are companies just like trusts? How do you find these companies? How do you research them?

How do you contact them? How do you pitch to them? How do you negotiate with them? When should you say no? How do you draft contracts? How do you manage the relationships? What could go wrong? What are the tax issues? What are the other considerations?


Legacy Fundraising 25 Apr 2023, 20 Jun 2023

Why do people make legacy gifts? What are the ethical issues? What are the regulations? What are the tax issues? What are the statistics? What are the trends? How can we integrate legacy fundraising into our other fundraising? What are the sources for research? How should we set a budget? How should we evaluate our results? How should we forecast likely income? Should we use consultants? How should we build a case for support? What media and marketing channels should we use? What about in memory giving? How should we setup our admin systems? What are the common problems & pitfalls?