What is 3rd Sector Together (3ST)?

  • A group of like-minded charities that have been working together since 2019 across the eight boroughs of North West London (NWL / NW London)
  • Our structure has been designed to mirror that of the external stakeholders we most commonly interact with – the NHS and local authorities.
  • It also reflects the diverse range of organisations we represent with regional, borough and neighbourhood level groups.
  • This ensures we develop and maintain effective, transparent communication channels, so that all organisations have a voice, regardless of size.

3ST Strategic Group

  • Membership consists of infrastructure support bodies as well as delivery partners to ensure we can access established communication channels and the support that these bodies offer for smaller groups and organisations.
  • 4 representatives from each borough, with the CVS from each borough automatically agreed as a representative

H&F Representation

  • Age UK H&F has been involved from the outset
  • Cross borough organisations are also members of the Strategic Group, including Mind and Open Age
  • Opportunities for other groups to be involved

The main criteria for membership is that members have the strategic understanding required to engage at a systems level and the capacity to release senior management time in support of our collective endeavours

Would you like to be involved?

Please submit a brief expression of interest by 20th January to info@sobus.org.uk, outlining

  • Your area of expertise in terms of client group (BAME, disability, youth etc.)
  • Your ability and capacity to engage and represent the voluntary and community sector at a systems level
  • Your capacity to release senior management time in support of 3ST’s collective endeavours

If we receive more interest that there are vacancies available, Sobus will invite organisations to vote for their preferred representatives in January 2023.