Have you seen the capacity building page on our website Organisational Development – Sobus ?

All organisations are on a journey of development. The question is, where are you and what do you need to consider to develop the organisation?

In broad terms, we have identified 5 stages that organisations need to go through to ensure their sustainability, or even their continued survival, especially with the current economic climate.

So in this newletter, we are looking at Stage 1, the first level of development. This is primarily for those starting out. At this stage it is about being appropriately constituted and having a group of trustees that are enabling the organisation to think ahead and plan. Additionally, if money is being brought into the organisation, there needs to be a form of accounting that enables the Board to see what is there, analyse what is happening and what needs to happen next. In terms of the work that is being carried out, the Board will also need to understand the risks involved, especially as the financial position of most organisations starting out is risky in itself. The Board will need to understand these risks to help them plan ahead. Of course, if you have looked beyond Stage 1 the organisation, having done all these things, will be on their way to achieving Stage 2.

If you want to discuss this to establish where you are on your organisation’s journey of development, please contact Nigel  nigel.jacques@sobus.org.uk