ICP Engagement and Involvement

VCS engagement in the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP)

Sobus has been the local VCS representative on the ICP Board and Leadership Group since 2018, but this is becoming overly time consuming, and with no resources from the ICP to enable and facilitate our engagement, we need to reconsider how we can support the voice of the local VCS in this area of work.

With some of the workstreams (“campaigns”) now established, there are clearer engagement opportunities for local groups on specific areas of work.  We would very much like to see organisations directly engaging in this work, with Sobus supporting and enabling your participation.

We would like to invite local VCS organisations to come together to discuss how this might be managed going forward, and will send out a meeting invitation to you in due course.

If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please contact Sue or Shad at Sobus.

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