Pay Scales for the VCS

A perpetual challenge for voluntary and community sector organisations is how to afford salary increases – particularly when a multi-year grant does not include inflationary uplift, and your employees’ salaries are based on national pay scales.

This question was raised again recently by Rory Gillert, CEO of Bishop Creighton House, and is particularly timely given the heightened financial difficulties that many organisations are facing.

As a very quick benchmarking exercise, Sobus would like to ask you to complete a very short survey to try and find out what pay scales local organisations use.  The survey is only 3 questions (4 if you add want to add any additional comments), so only takes a minute or so to complete!  Your answers will of course be kept completely confidential, but the collated results will be available for your information in the next month or so.

You can find the survey here: