with Hammersmith and Fulham Libraries

 Join us for….

A Jouster’s Life!


An exciting historical storytelling for all ages

Join us on 23 April at 19:30 – 20:00 GMT when will be joining storyteller Simon Waterfield in this exciting reenactment of life as a medieval Jouster!


We will find out….

What’s it really like being a medieval Jouster? And is a Squire’s life really that good?

Have you read the stories about the lives of the jousting knights, their bravery, and their chivalry?

We believe an explanation is required about what life is really like.

Meet a jouster and his squire telling their versions of the same day in their lives.

Are all knights chivalrous and nobly bred?

Are all squires devoted servants?

The truth will out!

Suitable for all ages

This is an online event that will take place via Zoom. After booking your ticket, you will be emailed log-in details on the day of the performance.

Book your ticket by clicking on the link below: