There are plenty of things you can do to give your entry the best chance of winning. Perhaps the most important is to read and understand the judging criteria, and make sure you respond to these in your entry. You’d be amazed how many people don’t! Informing the judges should be at the heart of your thinking when preparing your entry, as it is they who make the decision.  Here are our Top Tips…

  1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS – All awards schemes have small print, and it’s important to read it!
  1. HIT THE DEADLINE – Your nomination must be submitted by 10pm Friday 23rd October 2020, Don’t miss out by leaving it to the last minute!
  1. GET THE JUDGES’ ATTENTION – A precise, well-written entry will always do better than one with no focus (think of it like a sales pitch!). Address the criteria individually and data use to demonstrate why your business should win.
  1. MATCH THE JUDGING CRITERIA – Read the awards criteria for the particular category you are entering.
  1. SEEK ADVICE ON COMMERCIALLY SENSITIVE DATA – When including statistics and data in your entry be sure to check that these aren’t confidential. We strongly encourage you to use this type of information, but all businesses need to keep some things private!
  1. DON’T WRITE YOUR ENTRY ‘ON THE SIDE’ – Ensure that you allocate enough time to put together a high-quality nomination.
  1. PUT PEOPLE IN IT – Staff can embody commitment and excellence. Customers can say why you’re great in a single sentence. Use your own people, and your customers to tell your story.
  1. LOOK AT LAST YEAR’S WINNERS – Read about last year’s winners What singled them out as the winner in your category?
  1. KEEP IT BRIEF – Be efficient with your words and space. A well phrased sentence can often communicate why you should win better than a whole page.

Entry Deadline – Friday 23 October

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