The Hammersmith & Fulham Hive


The H&F Hive is an online crowdfunding platform which brings together local people and resources to make positive changes in their community. If you have a project idea for improving your local area, simply upload it to Spacehive, set your funding target and launch your fundraising campaign to bring your ideas to life!

Spacehive enables you to build visible local support for projects – the more pledges you can secure from the local community, the more likely you are to attract funding and support from local businesses, large corporations, charities and grant giving bodies. However, crowdfunding is about much more than just money. Running a Spacehive campaign is a great way to bring your community together to deliver projects that everyone can enjoy.

We are running a funding round with a deadline of 9th September by when you need to create your page, pitch to the fund(s) and submit your project for verification. To get started, create your project on Spacehive or share your idea via this short form and the team will be in touch soon.