We are all relying on technology more than ever before and Sobus would highly recommend our  I/T support team at Gallery Partnership. They have now launched a Client Referral Programme and taken on two new partners, specialising in business communication and Cyber Security – enabling them to increase the amount of remote working solutions they can offer.

Anyone we refer to them will be offered a FREE, no-obligation consultation during which they will:

  • Discuss their current requirements/challenges
  • Identify solutions and recommended products
  • Provide a written proposal & dedicated point of contact

To use the Client Referral you can either:

  1.  Call their office on 0207 096 2800 and inform them that you have been referred by Sobus
  2.  Email info@thegallerypartnership.co.uk directly with “REFERRAL from ‘Carita Magnani at Sobus” in the subject line
  3.  Submit your details via their website contact form using the drop down tick box