Newable’s social impact team are currently delivering a new business support and mentoring programme in partnership with the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. This is focused on assisting London based small businesses navigate through the national economic crisis by helping business owners modify or sustain their business processes and delivery in this climate of socio-economic uncertainty.

Each client is entitled to approx. 12 hours of support. This can be made of say contact by Skype or phone and includes the work the Business Advisor does on behalf of each client after each session. The business support is bespoke and depends on each client’s specific needs. This can be as varied as each client’s business and could for example include:

  • in depth review of your web site, pricing and cash flow systems
  • business plan design
  • input to planning a marketing or sales drive
  • lease negotiation
  • import / export advice
  • tax and vat issues
  • business law issues

To find out more, please direct your enquiries to