We’re hosting a 4 week online workshop in the month of July based on the TV drama MTV Shuga: Love, Sex & Money.

The drama is based in Nigeria, mirroring West African culture and mannerisms, so you will need to be familiar with the culture in order to be able to participate fully.

Week 1: How we think about our own risk of getting HIV directly relates to the level of caution we take around sex. In this session we will discuss and try to understand our sense of our own risk.

Week 2: In this session we explore honesty in relationships, sharing about sexual histories and learning about a sexual network.

Week 3 – In this session we will explore the bigger decisions behind all the smaller everyday decisions we take on things, including love, sex, relationships, money and how we are in the world.

Week 4 – In this session we explore HIV stigma and the impact it can have on us and our relationships.

If you are interested, register you attendance here – https://bit.ly/2C95tkK