Empower your staff. Create an everlasting impact. Overcome challenges.

These are all things managers want to achieve.


Whether you are new to the game or have been dedicated for decades, good management is key.

Our Management Conference is coming up, which will teach you how to become the ultimate driving force behind your organisation.


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We’ll focus on the following themes:

Moving into Management

  • It’s Murder in Management
  • Frameworks for Feedback
  • Time Management for Managers


Managing for Managers

  • Influencing Up the Line
  • Coaching for Successful Performance
  • Manage with Confidence


Organisational Management

  • Communication, Conversation and Conflict
  • What does Success look like?
  • Creating the Organisation Culture you Want


Managing You Team

  • Delegation: Things as a manager you should not be doing
  • Developing the People you Support
  • Belbin: Understanding your team to get the best from them