With tech disruption in Broadcast Media (Amazon Prime, Netflix, to name but a few) and innovation of flavour, visuals and aromas in Food, the nature of ‘how things are done’ in these sectors is changing and evolving rapidly.

During Tech Week, join our Media Tech Disruptors & Food Innovators panel on Tuesday 11th June, from 5.30pm for an insightful discussion and Q&A session with individuals from broadcast media and food featuring:

  • Mike Jones
  • Stephen Coote
  • Graham Short
  • Steven Bryen
  • Alexandros Paraskevas
  • Panel Chair – Andrew Dakers. Andrew is CEO of West London Business. His career spans IT, change management, campaigning and public affairs, at organisations including the BBC, GSK and West London education business charity Spark!

Everyone is welcome!

A great opportunity to learn from this inspiring panel and discover the latest trends in media and food.


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