Even in this modern era men still do not share how they are feeling which can lead to the breakdown of relationships with family and loved ones and in extreme cases it can lead to even more devastating consequences. For example, suicide remains the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK and Ireland. Support exists to help men deal with the initial trauma but the next step in what to do with their lives is often missing. We aim to provide a support network with coaching for men who have been through counselling and are struggling to find direction on the other side of this change

Unless more is done to reach out and encourage men to talk about their feelings instead of internalising them then the above will continue to happen.

The future does not have to be like this. It is our vision to offer a voice of support and reason by providing coaching and mentoring to men who believe little or no hope exists and help transform a hopeless situation into the opportunity of a life worth living.

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