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Small Chairty Week - Policy Day

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We are celebrating Collaboration this Policy Day 2018!

To mark Policy Day of Small Charity Week we are focusing on collaboration between small charities.

The FSI’s research has shown that collaborating more effectively can not only help to solve social problems but can also facilitate efficiency, growth and sustainability. Through working together we can build a stronger and more able Small Charity Sector. Collaborations are by no means easy, they can be delicate and complex to navigate and they are only one piece of the sustainability jigsaw. Therefore charities who seek to collaborate must be clear on the social purpose for collaboration and take all steps necessary to ensure success.

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Policy Day Blog and Video
Our CEO, Pauline Broomhead CBE, has filmed a new vlog on ‘Collaboration Between Small Charities’.

You can access the vlog here.

Essential Trustee Video Series
As part of Policy Day 2018, we would like to remind you about our Essential Trustee series, helping to promote good governance for all charity Trustees.
The complete series is now freely available on the FSI website. We hope you will find them useful in supporting trustees of small and local charities and community groups

Watch the videos here.

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