Bid Writing: The Basics


Who are the winners and losers in grant funding. How to identify the weaknesses in your project. What questions will funders will ask themselves about your bid. Common reasons for applications being rejected. The key terms in bid writing explained with examples of each. Make your application short but effective. 

Start telling funders the things they really want to hear. How to build greater credibility in the eyes of funders. Demonstrating that the beneficiaries of your project are involved. The importance of getting your numbers and totals right. What to do with all your supporting documents. Make your proofreading foolproof.

Bid Writing: Advanced


Are you applying to the right trusts ? Are you looking for trusts in all the right places ? Are you applying to enough trusts ? Are you applying in the right ways ? Are your projects the most fundable projects ? How do you compare with your competitors for funding ?

Are you carrying out trust fundraising in a professional way ? Do you understand what trusts are looking for ? Do you know how to turn your competitors into your ambassadors ? Is the rest of your fundraising hampering your bids to trusts ?

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