Voluntary Sector Providers and Potential Providers for Adult Social Care
Roundtable discussion


Desta has been commissioned to conduct a market mapping and shaping exercise of the voluntary sector for adult social care.
As part of this, we have organised three roundtable discussions for voluntary organisations which either already provide adult social care services or which would like to do so in the future. We are especially interested in providers and potential providers of home care services or providers which might support home care services through, for example, befriending services.

The discussion will look at the challenges and opportunities of providing these services, the barriers that might prevent new providers from delivering services, and the kinds of support that existing and potential providers need to deliver and grow their services.
Organisations are welcome to attend any one of these events.
Monday 20 July 1-3pm The Dalgarno Trust – please book here.
Tuesday 21 July 10.30-12.30pm White City Community Centre – please book here.
Wednesday 22 July 10.30-12.30pm One Westminster – please book here.

Best wishes,

Shani Lee

Chief Executive

Desta Consortium