Somali Caring and Education Association offers:

  • Advices for Children and Young People
  • Education For Adults and Children
  • Employment Training and Volunteering
  • Health Services and Mental Health
  • Housing

Supplementary school teaches English, Maths, Science, and Arabic for children and young people 7-17 years and parent support 0-5 years. Supplementary schools are staffed by dedicated professional teachers, parents and volunteers who may be in work, studying or looking after their children, so contacting them by phone during work hours may not always be possible.


Address: Room B009, 241 King Street, London, W6 9LP

Phone: 020 8208 563 0320

Opening Hours: N/A

Closest buses: 27, 190, 391, 267, H91

Closest tube stations: Raverscourt Park (district line)