Eating Disorders: Dismantling the Stigma

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Are you a carer of a loved one battling an eating disorder, or does your care role affect your eating or diet? If so, we are standing with you on this journey. 

Project HOPE, in partnership with Carers Network, is hosting a FREE one day interactive event on Saturday April 30 from 10am – 3pm at the Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, London W10 4JL for carers who have loved ones battling eating disorders.

The interactive event will be supportive, fun and inspirational. Carers will have the opportunity to share their stories, network and hear from various speakers.

It is requested that all carers interested in attending the event as a participant please contact Carers Network at 0208 960 3033, or email: to reserve their place.

Project HOPE is also looking for a carer to be a volunteer speaker at the event who could speak about their personal journey (challenges, successes, insights, strategies) to an audience of carers.

There is also a request for volunteers to help out during the event for set-up, clean-up and other areas which may need additional support.

If interested in speaking or volunteering, please contact the event organiser Mika Okusa at or 07541970022.

Mika Okusa is a qualified social worker who has recently moved to the UK from Canada. She has recovered from a long battle with an eating disorder and recognises the integral role of carers in the recovery process.